# Azure Product Azure CLI Example CLI PowerShell Module Example PS
1 Syntax az PowerShell uses a verb-noun pair for the names of cmdlets
2 Log in to Azure az login az login -u johndoe@contoso.com -p VerySecret Az.Accounts Connect-AzAccount
3 Manage Azure subscription information az account az account list --o table Az.Accounts Get-AzSubscription
4 Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries az acr az acr list -g MyResourceGroup -o table Az.ContainerRegistry Get-AzContainerRegistry -ResourceGroupName "MyResourceGroup"
5 Manage Azure Container Services az acs az acs list-locations --subscription Az.Compute Get-AzContainerService -ResourceGroupName "myRG"
6 Manage Azure Active Directory az ad az ad group show --group Az.Resources Get-AzADGroup -First 100
7 Manage Azure Advisor az advisor az advisor recommendation list --category Performance Az.Advisor Get-AzAdvisorRecommendation -Category Performance
8 Manage Azure Kubernetes Services az aks az aks get-versions --location westus2 Az.Aks Get-AzAksVersion -Location westus
9 Manage Azure Media Services resources az ams az ams account list --resource-group --subscription Az.Media Get-AzMediaService -ResourceGroupName "myRG"
10 Manage App Configurations az appconfig az appconfig list -g MyResourceGroup Az.AppConfiguration Get-AzAppConfigurationStore
11 Manage App Service plans az appservice az appservice ase list Az.Websites Get-AzAppServicePlan -Location "West US"
12 Manage Azure Backups az backup az backup container show.. Az.RecoveryServices Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupJob
13 Manage Azure Batch az batch az batch account list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.Batch Get-AzBatchAccount -AccountName "pfuller"
14 Manage Azure Billing az billing az billing period show --name --subscription Az.Billing Get-AzBillingInvoice -Latest
15 Manage Azure Content Delivery Networks az cdn az cdn origin list Az.Cdn Get-AzCdnOrigin
16 Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts az cognitiveservices az cognitiveservices account list -g MyResourceGroup Az.CognitiveServices Get-AzCognitiveServicesAccount
17 Manage Azure CLI configuration az configure az configure --defaults group=myRG web=myweb vm=myvm Az.Accounts Set-AzContext -SubscriptionId "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"
18 Manage Azure Container Instances. az container az container logs --name MyContainerGroup --resource-group MyResourceGroup Az.ContainerInstance Get-AzContainerGroup -ResourceGroupName demo -Name mycontainer
19 Manage Azure Cosmos DB database az cosmosdb az cosmosdb list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.CosmosDB Get-AzCosmosDBAccount -ResourceGroupName {resourceGroupName} -Name {databaseAccountName}
20 Manage ARM template deployment at subscription scope az deployment az deployment group list -g testrg Az.DeploymentManager Get-AzDeploymentManagerArtifactSource -InputObject $artifactSourceObject
21 Manage Azure Managed Disks az disk az disk list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.Compute Get-AzDisk -ResourceGroupName 'ResourceGroup01' -DiskName 'Disk01'
22 Manage Data Lake Analytics az dla az dla account list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.DataLakeAnalytics Get-AzDataLakeAnalyticsAccount -Name "ContosoAdlAccount"
23 Manage Data Lake Store az dls az dls account list --resource-group myRG Az.DataLakeStore Get-AzDataLakeStoreAccount -Name "ContosoADL"
24 Manage Azure Data Migration Service az dms az dms check-name --location westus2 --name MyService Az.DataMigration Get-AzDataMigrationProject -InputObject $myService
25 Manage Azure Event Grid az eventgrid Get-AzEventGridDomain -ResourceGroup myRG -Name Domain1 Az.EventGrid az ams account list --resource-group --subscription
26 Manage Azure Event Hubs az eventhubs az eventhubs eventhub list --resource-group myRG --namespace-name mynamespace Az.EventHub Get-AzEventHub -ResourceGroup myRG -NamespaceName MyNamespaceName
27 Manage resource provider features az feature az feature list Az.Resources Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Network
28 Find commands az find az find "az storage" Az.Accounts Get-Command -Verb Get -Noun AzVM* -Module Az.Compute
29 Manage function apps az functionapp az functionapp list --query "[?state=='Running']" Az.Functions Get-AzFunctionApp
30 Manage resource groups and template deployments az group az group create -l westus -n myRG Az.Resources Get-AzResourceGroup -Name "EngineerBlog"
31 Manage HDInsight resources. az hdinsight az hdinsight list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.HDInsight Get-AzHDInsightCluster
32 Managed Service Identities. az identity az identity list-operations [--subscription] Az.ManagedServiceIdentity Get-AzUserAssignedIdentity -ResourceGroupName PSRG -Name ID1
33 Manage custom virtual machine images. az image az image builder show --name mytemplate --resource-group my-group Az.ManagedServiceIdentity Get-AzImageBuilderTemplate
34 Manage KeyVault az keyvault az keyvault list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.KeyVault Get-AzKeyVault
35 Manage Azure Kusto resources az kusto az kusto cluster list --resource-group myRG Az.Kusto Get-AzKustoCluster -ResourceGroupName testrg
36 Manage Azure locks az lock az lock list Az.Resources Get-AzResourceLock -ResourceGroupName "myRG" -AtScope
37 Manage assignments and definitions az managedservices az managedservices definition list Az.ManagedServices Get-AzManagedServicesAssignment
38 Manage Azure Maps az maps az maps account show --name MyMapsAccount --resource-group myRG Az.Maps Get-AzMapsAccount -ResourceGroupName myRG
39 Manage Azure Database for MariaDB servers az mariadb az mariadb db list -g testgroup -s testsvr Az.MariaDb Get-AzMariaDbServer
40 Manage the Azure Monitor Service. az monitor az monitor action-group list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.Monitor Get-AzActionGroup
41 Manage Azure Database for MySQL servers. az mysql az mysql db list -g testgroup -s testsvr Az.MySql Get-AzMySqlServer
42 Manage Azure Network resources. az network az network nic list --query "[?dnsSettings.internalDomainNameSuffix=`{dnsSuffix}`]" Az.Network Get-AzNetworkInterface
43 Manage resource policies. az policy az policy definition show --name MyPolicyDefinition Az.Resources Get-AzPolicyDefinition
44 Manage Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers. az postgres az postgres db list -g testgroup -s testsvr Az.PostgreSql Get-AzPostgreSqlServer
45 Manage dedicated Redis caches for your Azure applications. az redis az redis list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.RedisCache Get-AzRedisCache -Name "myexists"
46 Manage Azure Reservations az reservations az reservations reservation list --reservation-order-id [--subscription] Az.Reservations Get-AzReservation -ReservationOrderId "1111aaaa"
47 Manage Azure resources. az resource az resource list --location westus Az.Resources Get-AzResource | ft
48 Manage user roles for access control with AAD and service principals az role az role assignment list [--all] Az.Resources Get-AzADServicePrincipal
49 Manage Azure Search services az search az search service list --resource-group [--subscription] Az.Search Get-AzSearchService -ResourceGroupName felixwa-01
50 Manage security with Azure Security Center az security az security alert list Az.Security Get-AzDiscoveredSecuritySolution
51 Manage shared image gallery az sig az sig list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.ImageBuilder Get-AzImageBuilderTemplate
52 Manage snapshots az snapshot az snapshot list [--resource-group] [--subscription] Az.Compute Get-AzSnapshot
53 Manage Azure SQL Databases and Data Warehouses. az sql az sql db list --resource-group myRG --server myserver Az.Sql Get-AzSqlDatabase -ResourceGroupName "myRG" -ServerName "server01"
54 Manage Azure Storage resources az storage az storage account list -g myRG] Az.Storage Get-AzStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName "RG01"
55 Manage resource tags az tag az tag list [--subscription] Az.Resources Get-AzTag -Name "Department"
56 Show the versions of Azure CLI modules az version az version [--subscription] PowerShellGet Get-InstalledModule Azure -AllVersions
57 Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines az vm az vm list -g myRG Az.Compute Get-AzVM -ResourceGroupName "myRG" -Name "VirtualMachine07"
58 Manage Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS) az vmss az vmss list --resource-group myRG Az.Compute Get-AzVmss -ResourceGroupName "Group001" -VMScaleSetName "VMSS001"
59 Manage web apps az webapp az webapp list --query "[?state=='Running']" Az-WebApp Get-AzWebApp -myRG "Default-Web-WestUS" -Name "ContosoSite"

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